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Hi, I'm Dallas Michael Cyr...

9 years ago, I was a financial-planner in Hartford, Connecticut. I had just reached my quota for the quarter, and received a huge bonus. From the outside, everything was looking perfect! I had the money, I the girlfriend, the friends...

But, on the inside I was STUCK.
What WAS working was no-longer working for me anymore.

Something inside SHIFTED. I KNEW there had to be more to life, but I had zero clue where to start, let alone how, so I bought and read everything I could about personal development, meditation, spirituality, spent a LOT of money on books, seminars, coaching... I even joined Karma Yoga community for three months on the side of a mountain!
Yet, with all the practices, the programs, the exercises, ALL this work on myself, somehow nothing was changing. It wasn't until after countless nights of praying, inner-searching, meditating about my purpose...

I realized I had all the pieces of the puzzle! Just in the wrong order,
And I'm now giving you the same sequence that transformed my life from "Adversity to Abundance" for FREE.

"Dallas throws his heart into the material and the people - he believes it and lives it. I went in not knowing what to expect and somehow came away with more than I expected. Thanks Dallas for being so vulnerable and honest, for that’s what initiates change." - Tyler Newman

"For passionate entrepreneurs looking to establish massive confidence in themselves, their business, and take the next leap towards accomplishing their vision – I highly recommend working with Dallas." - Matt H.

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